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smpl homey app

smpl Homey app

You can now visualize data from Homey to Smpl displays.

"After connecting it to Homey and made some settings and a Flow, it works perfectly. A musthave!"

Marcel BHomey owner

Leviton homey app

Leviton Homey app

Decora Smart Z-Wave Plus.

Sureflap homey app

Sureflap Homey app

A smart way to keep your pets safe and healthy

"The App works great with my two Surefeed Petfeeder! Thanks a lot for your great work!"

Stefan AHomey owner

Xiaomi mi flora homey app

Xiaomi mi flora homey app

Follow the needs of your plants and flowers

"Great app, it’s measurement refresh process is fully effective since the app automatic update."

Hervé PHomey owner

Beacon homey app

Beacon homey app

Detect your presence with BLE beacons

"Working great with several devices."

Ruud MHomey owner

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